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PyCylon can be built using Conda. There are Conda packages for libcylon and pycylon.

Installing from Conda#

The following command will install the latest version of Cylon.

conda create -n cylon-0.4.0 -c cylondata pycylon python=3.7
conda activate cylon-0.4.0

Building in a Conda environment#

We need Ubuntu 16.04 or higher to build Cylon

  • Ubuntu 16.04 or higher

Install Conda & Prerequisites#

First download and install Conda for your Linux distribution.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install wget git build-essential

Here are some commands used to install conda

chmod +x

Activate conda environment.

eval "$(~/anaconda3/bin/conda shell.bash hook)"
conda install conda-build

Build Cylon#

Here are the commands to build Cylon using the conda-build

git clone
cd cylon
conda create --name build_env python=3.7
conda activate build_env
conda-build conda/recipes/cylon/
conda-build conda/recipes/pycylon/