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Contributing Guide

This document describes the Cylon development method and how to contribute to it by choosing development ideas.

Cylon Resources#

We have a weekly Cylon meeting using Zoom at Every Sunday 12 pm EST. The link to the Zoom meeting is shown below.

Communication Channels#

The development discussions are happening in the following channels.

Development Method#

We use the standard Github pull request model for developing. We don’t develop on the main Github repository and always use a fork of the repository to develop.

Here is our rough workflow.

  • Fork the Cylon Github
  • Create a branch in your for for the development
  • Develop the feature, fix the bug etc
  • Add documentation and test cases
  • Create a pull request
  • Once a pull request is created, one or two reviewers will be assigned.
  • Work with the reviewers to merge the pull request into the main branch.

Development Ideas#

New development ideas are listed in the Github project.

If you are interested in contributing, you can choose an issue and put your interest in it by commenting on it. A Cylon developer will join you to help getting started.