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With Cylon's java binding(JCylon), Java programmers can achieve the same performance of a native C++ Cylon code and minimize downsides of java codes such as garbage collection overheads.

Cylon Java Binding Example#

You can start writing a cylon application by including the JCylon dependency as below in your pom.xml.


Given below is an example written with Cylon's java binding to perform the Select operation.

package org.cylondata.cylon.examples;
import org.cylondata.cylon.CylonContext;
import org.cylondata.cylon.Table;
public class SelectExample {
public static void main(String[] args) {
String tablePath = args[0];
// initialize Cylon context
CylonContext ctx = CylonContext.init();
// create a table from csv
Table srcTable = Table.fromCSV(ctx, tablePath);
final long somethingOutside = 4;
// applying select operation
Table select = -> row.getInt64(0) == somethingOutside);
// print the table to console
// finalizing Cylon context

Running a Cylon Java Example#

Once the example is built into a JAR, it can be run as follows.

mpirun -np 4 <CYLON_HOME>/bin/join_example /path/to/csv1 /path/to/csv2

JCylon Docs#

Use blow link to navigate to the JCylon javadocs.