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Quick Start

Cylon has a few heavy dependencies such as OpenMPI and Apache Arrow that needs to be compiled and configured before start writing Cylon applications. While Cylon build takes care of these things for you, optionally following approaches can be used to quick start with the development process.

Get started with Docker#

Cylon docker images contains prebuilt cylon binaries and environment configured to start development right away.

Start by creating a volume to hold you source code.

docker volume create cylon-vol

Then start a Cylon container as follows with your new volume mounted at /code.

docker run -it -v cylon-vol:/code cylondata/cylon

Optionally, you could skip creating a volume and mount a local folder to the /code directory.

You could either develop directly inside the container using a supported IDE to connect to the container(Recommended) or you could develop on the host machine and test inside the container.

Get started with Conda#